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October 22, 2018

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Sanie M lives for '' Invasion Of Privacy ''

October 7, 2018

The 25-year-old rapper Cardi B has made the name for herself this year with her album 'Invasion Of Privacy' '. Her album has a good impression for many people. It also has a good impression for the 11-year-old rapper '' Sanie M ''. Sanie M says the album inspires her. The first song on the album is called '' Get Up 10 '', in which Cardi B rapes: Get money, go hard, damn fuckin 'right. Stunt on these bitches out of mothafuckin 'spite. Cardi B also complains that her life is not always easy one that she should have worked hard to get so far with her music. This gives Sanie M the impression that they really want the album, but that she also loves it very much. Sanie M herself said that if '' Invasion Of Privacy '' had not come that her hiphop albums would not come such as: '' Gold B*tch '', '' Privacy '' and '' SANIE M ''. Invasion Of Privacy has also been more than 5 times in the '' Billboard '' top 100. Sanie M said a while back that Cardi B made her who she is.










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