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October 22, 2018

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Yesterday it was 16 years RIP Left Eye

April 26, 2018




Lisa Lopes: Lisa was in the '' TLC '' group since 1992, they made world hits. Such as: no bushes and waterfalls. They were the best-known music group from the 90s. They nicknamed each other Rozonda Chili, Tionne T-Boz and Lisa was called Left Eye, because her left eye was smaller than her right eye. Left Eye played an important role in the group, she was the clothing designer and the rapper. In 2002, Lisa had 1 year of vacation. She then went to Laceiba in Honduras with her sister and a few others. On April 25, 2002, Lisa drove in her car, She tried to release one. But that cost her her own life. ......... Yesterday it was officially 16 years ago that she died # 16yearrip. Sanae has also made an instagram post about this.
And millions of other people too.







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